AIPF1 → N1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit30-SEPT-2023 ₦1,251,136.35 AIPF1 30-SEPT-2023

Afrinvest, others to manage assets in infrastructure fund

Africa plus partners

Afrinvest, a member of AAA Infrastructure Nigeria Limited (Triple A Infra) have been selected to manage the assets of part of a N15 trillion infrastructure fund which is dedicated solely to investment in Nigeria. Companies involved include Africa Plus Partners and ARC Asset Management (USA), who are members of Triple A Infra and others.