AIPF1 → N1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit30-SEPT-2023 ₦1,251,136.35 AIPF1 30-SEPT-2023

Africa Plus Partners emerges as preferred for Benin-Asaba and Lagos-Abeokuta Highway Development Management Initiative (HDMI)

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The Federal Government has announced preferred bidders for the Nigeria Highway Development and Management Initiative (HDMI) concession programme.

This, it said, is in line with its objective to attract private sector technical expertise, managerial capacity and financial resources to improve the quantity and quality of road assets in Nigeria.

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