AIPF1 → N1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit 30-SEPT-2023 AIPF1 → ₦1,251,136.35/Unit30-SEPT-2023 ₦1,251,136.35 AIPF1 30-SEPT-2023

Energy Transition: Better Way Forward

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As the world grapples with the challenge of transitioning to sustainable energy, Africa has an opportunity to leapfrog traditional energy sources and drive inclusive economic growth. At Africa Plus Partners, we believe that by investing in sustainable carbon+ infrastructure assets, we can foster economic growth and development across Africa, while combating climate change and improving the quality of lives for people around the continent.

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