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Join Us for the 2023 International Rating Webinar!

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Join Us for the 2023 International Rating Webinar!

Are you interested in learning how credit rating and infrastructure development can boost your business and impact your community? Do you want to hear from the experts and leaders in these fields and network with like-minded professionals? Do you want to discover new opportunities and challenges in the Nigerian and African markets?

If yes, then you are invited to join us for the 2023 International Rating Webinar, hosted by DataPro Credit Rating Agency. This webinar will explore the theme “Role of Subnationals & Credit Rating Agencies in Infrastructure Development” and how it can benefit your business and the society at large.

Among the panelists are our very own directors: Mr. Niran Ajakiaye, MD of Africa Plus Partners, and Mr. Anhad Narula, CEO of Africa Infra Plus Fund, who have extensive experience and expertise in infrastructure development, private equity, structured finance, project management and venture capital investment.

They will share their insights, experiences and best practices on how credit rating agencies can help subnational governments or entities access capital markets, attract private sector participation and lower borrowing costs for infrastructure development. They will also discuss how pension funds can invest in infrastructure projects and generate stable and attractive returns, diversify their portfolios and support national development. Additionally, they will present their perspectives on how Africa Plus Partners, through its Fund: Africa Infra Plus Fund, is bridging the gap between pension funds and infrastructure development in Nigeria.

The webinar is scheduled to hold by 2:30pm on October 12th, 2023. It is free and open to anyone who is interested in learning more about credit rating and infrastructure development.

To register for the webinar, please click on the link and fill out the form.

Save the date and join us for this informative and engaging event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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